I believe a little bit of expertise can go a long way

Who should set up a consult?

If you have a project that can use a little bit of help but you're not quite ready to hire a team
If you are in the VC/startup space and are looking for industry-specific expertise.

Please note the examples* below are meant to provide guidance, not to limit the possibilities of all the interesting challenges we can tackle together.

How does this work?
  1. Once you've read through this, and you have determined you want to chat with me, select "LET'S SCHEDULE IT!"

  2. Follow the prompts to get on my schedule. Read all instructions and details carefully.

  3. Provide as much information as possible via the form. If you don't have all materials gathered at the time you schedule the call or if all the information you have doesn't fit on the form, don't worry! You can send follow up information to

  4. If applicable, I'll email you follow-up questions so we can best prepare for the call.

  5. The day of the call, I will call the number provided.

If you have any questions ahead of scheduling or requests after you book, please feel free to email us at

75 min.

Let's chat about Real Estate Development

Some *Examples Include:

  • Design or construction contract strategy & business terms

  • Assembling the best team for your project

  • Creating a cost management system & implementing it on a project

  • Discuss a design or contract issue on an ongoing project

75 min.

Let's chat about proptech, build-tech, or any tech that interfaces with design, development or construction.

Some *Examples Include:

  • Discuss who are the main stakeholders in a specific design or construction process

  • Review industry best-practices

  • Discuss professional & general liability as it applies to design & construction

  • Understand industry-specific forces & how they affect current systems

In the following cases, I do not recommend setting up a consult:

  • If you are looking for financial assessment help with a Real Estate deal (we specialize in basically everything else).

  • If you are looking to partner with MADDPROJECT on an amazing idea. In that case, please send it our way.

  • If you have a project you are 100% sure you want to work on with MADDPROJECT and you are looking for a formal proposal. In that case, please email us and we will get back to you right away!

  • If you are early in your career or making a career move and looking for advice. In this case, just email Antonia.